Sometimes You Just Need a Space to Talk, Without the Censorship


Funny, the times we live in. A post on social media can travel around the world and go viral in minutes. Sometimes though, you need a spot to post your thoughts without big brother watching, and without giving them unlimited license to censor your words.

Social media is great, there are many reasons why they’ve become so embedded in our lives. Atop that list is the convenience, its easy to hop on Facebook or Twitter and post a message and have it (one would hope) distributed to your friends, family, and followers. The convenience isn’t always worth the cost.

The rights you give up on social media sometimes outweigh the ease in which you get your message out there. That’s why I’ve carved out this little spot on the Internet dedicated to literally anything I choose. I know it will be here until I make a decision to remove it, not some unnamed and faceless moderator on a social media platform somewhere.

We’ll see what comes of this avenue in the future. For right now, I’m leaving the playing field wide open as far as the scope of topics I’ll be covering. If you know me, or you want to know me better, bookmark and check in from time to time. You can also subscribe to the site’s RSS feed. I’m not looking to shove yet another site to signup at down your throat, let’s keep it simple for now.

See you soon, and thanks for stopping by.

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